Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Let His will be done :)

As men, we tend to resist or even avoid what God plans and desires us to do.We try and focus on increasing our plans,we forget our obligation as men.We ought to turn back to our first calling...serving God.
We all end up in misery and disappointment. After grouses and pains, thus when we remember our first calling.
Why wait till then?
Our God is loving,compassionate,abounding in perfect love and mercy (Psalm 86:16).His arms are ever  open wide asking for a chance to take control in your life.Give God the chance to drive you.You will avoid heart breaks...only if you let Christ drive you to the right person.You will have peace in that job...only if you let God provide in His abundance,avoid the back door!
Jonah hid from God, little did he know...God is omnipresent.You too, you will not walk your way for long,He is not yet done with you.Only his will shall prevail in your life.
READ (Jonah 1).
Lord,i inoculate my life from unplanned misery.Let your will take preeminence in my life.For i have only one life,one life to honour you.Lead me be according to your plans and purpose, for i give myself away to you.