Wednesday, 24 July 2013

‘I Love You’-Delicate,handle with Care.[re-blog]

Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. -1 John 4:8

[I have re-blogged this post due to public demand :)]

As I write this, am in the process of overcoming the paradox in my life. I have been crashed and tried by the 3 magic words as they say “I Love You”.
Love is created by God. We can’t force love, love grows, it’s nurtured and seasoned with time by God. For God is Love.
The words, ‘I Love you’ are neither a jester nor a mean feat. You can have anyone you ever wish to have, only if you will be able to keep her/him.I mean if you can treasure each other with actions, not words. Many have the delusion that men are meant to show love to ladies, whom on the other end reciprocate.No,I believe that love is a two way gesture. I will always treasure you if you treasure me.I believe men on my blog will support me on this. Also I do give a room for correction.
As I pen off, this is not an ode to anyone. Just a lesson that I feel to pass to any chivalrous man out there.God created love. Don’t be like me before, don’t be desperate for love, it will follow you, just as your shadow does. Don’t misuse the 3 magic words, ‘I Love You’. Then remember your purpose in life, get cosy with anyone. More so never compromise to please anyone.
Now to my future girl, the one whom I always pray and dream of…for sure I dreamt of you yester night; when I will come for an overture, don’t play me, I am a man made of flesh, not wood. By doing so, the words ‘I Love you’ will be meaningful in my life. To those in a relationship remember that Love is not a fight but something worth fighting for.
For now I will say as i said a while ago;’ Now i will be silent,I will let the one who creates the words speak.He made the door,He made the lock,He also made the Key.

Good night brethrens.
[I guess i am now out of the paradox...but on hold :)]