Thursday, 23 May 2013

6 A's i've learnt for proper apology by 22.

1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

Hello pals,today happens to be my 22nd birthday,i really thank God for His unfailing mercies and love which are new every morning.Christ's love gives us hope,for we are made perfect each day by His mercies.
After knowing who Christ is and what He can do in my life,i devoted my life to Him ,now each day has been a learning day under His arms.It is through the above am proud of whom i am,i am a slave in Christ.He has given me the grace to share with you friends.
On my birthday i wanna share with you the
 6 A's for proper apology.

1.Admit you made a mistake,this makes life easier to work it out...many of us try to justify themselves,we end up making situations more compromised and lugubrious.
2.Apologize-"..i am sorry i did blah...blah... "Being remorseful creates a vacuum for love...
3.Acknowledge the mistake,this should not be confused with Admitting as above,Check your lifestyle,what made you err,point out things in your life that makes you commit a given mistake and drop them...
4.Attest-plan on how to fix your mistake on a given timeline,many of us walk out unconcerned,with the 'i don't care' attitude.This is not right friends.
5.Assure- i came to realize it's also worth to state the plans you have to prevent the same error in future,they said, prevention is better than cure.Learn to be smart in life to avoid some mistakes
6.Abstain-Well,its an usual norm,that is,it's a mistake to repeat a mistake...i have learnt not to cycle back to my mistakes...because in high school we used to say...once beaten twice shy!

  • I am apologetic to anyone i messed up with over the past years.I pledge your forgiveness.

Much said and done.Also its noted that after a mistake,there is deprivation of love and trust from the other party.For love,where there is no love,apply love and you will get love....and what of trust?